Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ruby and Her Milestones

In the last two weeks Ruby has grown up a lot. Okay, that's probably a bit melodramatic but she does have three new tricks! She finally started eating solids. We've been trying for about two months to no avail. This has been very important to her Nana that she learn to eat solids.

She also has her first tooth. This milestone is bittersweet because we really love the
toothless grin. But as you can plainly see, her grin is still just as darling.

And last, but certainly not least, she's sitting up! This is a particularly wonderful thing as she's
preferred the sitting position since birth.

She's growing so fast, each day she dazzles and amazes the entire family. We are so glad she's here, what a delight Ruby is in our home.
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Pineview '08

I can't believe another Pineview trip has come and gone! We had a wonderful time this year...Mommy wasn't pregnant and Ruby isn't mobile yet. We are so lucky to belong to such a wonderful family and have a tradition that we love as well. We were in a new camp ground this year, and except for a little trouble with some tall weeds, it was great. The kids loved the sand and the water, the boys enjoyed tubing behind the boat, (thanks Uncle Lamar), and we enjoyed watching it all from the shady beach.

There was delicious food every meal- we all really have cooking for 70+ people down to a science! The t-shirt painting (Spencer's favorite) was kicked up a notch this year and we did tie dying. Thanks to Grandma, the girls and Jack have darling shirts.

One of the best things for me was that my niece Kennedy was able to come. She's so helpful and a lot of fun. Corb's family was extremely hospitable and by the time we left she felt like one of the cousins!

The last night Uncle Clay coordinated a "talent" show that the brave and the silly participated in. Spencer performed a short dialogue of his own making using a funny voice, Penelope (terrified) sang the clean up song from Dora Saves the Mermaid, and all the little kids sang a few primary songs which Jack reluctantly joined in on. Other kids did or sang silly things and a few of the more grown up cousins sang as well (Aunt Amy and Uncle Mont did a particularly beautiful and touching song). One of the funniest performances came at the end when Kennedy and cousin Whitney sang a song and Aunt Amy and Aunt Julie 80's danced to it! It was so funny!

We are all looking forward to another year...
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Independence Day

We love to go to Nana and Papa's and watch the fireworks from the back deck. We watch the Kaysville and Lagoon shows. This year they were amazing! It's nice and quiet and we have comfy chairs to sit on and there are no crowds.

After we're done watching we go out front and do our own show. This year Jack got to light a few and all the kids had fun with the sparklers.

Piano Recital June 30th, 2008

I got an Easy Bake Oven for my birthday

Am I the luckiest four year old in the world or what!?! Even though the box says eight and up, my Aunt Kimmy got me the deluxe oven. I had so much fun stirring and pouring, if only the cake actually tasted Mom says she'll find some from scratch recipes so we can have fun making something and enjoy eating it too! Love, Peanut

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Here they are, the stars of the show. Ruby, Spencer, Penelope, and Jack. June is gone and we're in the full swing of summer. Last night the boys had their piano recital. It was great fun. They both performed extremely well. I must say, they have incredible rhythm, their pieces had swing. I love that they are so use to performing and competing. They both have more experience and confidence than I ever will. Hopefully I can get back into the picture habit so I can keep up to date with our activities!

The spring flew by us. With all the activities for the three big kids and adding a new baby, I'm lucky if I can just catch my breath! Here are just a sampling of the children: last day of school, visiting Grandma T., pre-school program, and yellow belt testing. All of which were wonderful experiences for all...

Catching's what I do!

In April, Spencer was baptized. This is a photo of him on the big day with all his Grandpa's.